War without end

As a species, we were given the perfect evolutionary tool belt to thrive, leaps and bounds beyond what could be accomplished by any other population on this earth. We are efficient, intuitive, creative, and manipulative. We sculpt our environment to better serve our needs by creating infrastructure which constitutes the habitats we inhabit. War only undermines our ability thrive. No matter who is the war monger, the victim, or the unlucky intermediary agent, we all suffer because of the destruction we impart on our habitats.

War is inefficient. The destruction it causes not only lays waste to our infrastructure, but leaves behind barren ruins. A wasteful pile of once useful rubble—once inhabitable land area. It can never be wholly mended or rehabilitated. Resources which at one point had use value are stripped of purpose by war and destruction.

What is worse is that we create infrastructure solely for the purpose of warfare. It is a detrimental positive feedback loop. We build infrastructure and manufacture resources into mechanisms of war, sowing the seeds of war where ever we stride into conflict.

We can and will bomb ourselves into oblivion, turning our green, fertile Earth into a heap of unproductive resources until we are cornered onto what little productive green land we have left, where we will await our demise.

I am convinced the human race will delve ever deeper into this crater of warfare, convinced that some promise of a worthy, justified outcome may result from our endeavors. Every society and culture has a different end game, but what can we do with success in war when there is no peace left to enjoy?

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