Lethal Theory – Eyal Weizman

Weizman’s article really gave me a new insight on the topic of war strategies and techniques. However, after having read the article, I am still unsure whether I see the “walking through walls method” as usefull at all. To me it seems very inhumane to lock up civilians in a room for days without water, food, toilet, and medicine after blowing up a wall or several walls in their homes. Any military who argues that they use this method because it is more “humane” must clearly be losing touch with reality. The damages that are caused by military actions might not be visible anymore that much on the outside but as Weizman also explains, they are concealed in the homes of the victims (cf. 58). Moreover, in contrast to traditional techniques of warfare, “un-walling” can (of course, it does not have to necessarily) cause even more destruction.

In general, I thought it was interesting that Weizman drew a connection between the “walking through walls method” and the “obliteration of the status of privacy” (75). In my opinion, this point really hits home. In addition, I agree that the “un-walling of the wall” leads to the collapse of the separation between inside and outside and therefore also between private and public. As Weizman explains, the method destabilizes democracy itself.

– C.Muthmann

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